Suspect detained over abduction of missing pastor Raymond Koh: Malaysia police chief

Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted in broad daylight on Feb 13 as he was driving in Petaling Jaya. PHOTO: THE STAR

KUALA LUMPUR (The Star/Asia News Network) - A man has been detained by police in connection with the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh, national police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said on Wednesday (May 24).

Mr Koh was abducted in broad daylight on Feb 13 as he was driving in Petaling Jaya. Three black sport utility vehicles blocked his car, and eight masked men in black alighted and removed Mr Koh and his vehicle from the scene, according to footage captured on closed-circuit TV cameras installed in front of a nearby house.

His family has brought the matter to the United Nations working group on enforced or involuntary disappearances.

The case has alarmed Malaysians because the footage showed a professionally executed abduction, and there has been no word about Mr Koh's fate more than three months later.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid told reporters on Wednesday the suspect was picked up in the north of the country last week.

"We believe he is relevant to the ongoing investigation into the abduction of Koh.

"Let us investigate the case thoroughly," he told a press conference in Bukit Aman after launching a blood donation programme.

Previously, police detained a man in Ampang who demanded a ransom for allegedly kidnapping Koh. However, it turned out to be a hoax and the man has since been charged in court.

Khalid also warned certain parties not to make baseless allegations in connection with Koh's abduction.

"We are not sitting on the case. We have never stopped investigating his abduction and efforts to locate him are ongoing," he said.

Khalid said police were also investigating reports that Koh was attempting to proselytise Muslims, and determining if this had any connection to his abduction.

"We have to investigate as a police report has been made," he said.

On claims that the authorities were connected to Koh's abduction, the IGP sternly warned activists or other parties against spinning the facts.

"If you don't have any evidence or proof, don't make allegations. It is a very serious allegation," he said.

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