Social media accounts of KL police hacked

PETALING JAYA • The official Facebook page and Twitter account of the Malaysian police were hacked yesterday afternoon.

The cover photo of the Royal Malaysian Police showed a gunman waving the flag of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group, with the words "Khilafah (cali-phate) has returned".

The profile picture of the police emblem was replaced with an image of an eye, with words in Arabic including "Allah" and "Muhammad". On the police Facebook page, the hackers posted a picture of armed militants and its caption read VIVA ISLAMIC STATE!

The police have perhaps become a target of pro-ISIS hackers as they have arrested at least 110 Malaysians for offences linked to the terror group. These included those who returned home after fighting in Syria or were planning to bomb entertainment sites in the country.

The hackers posted an update saying "#AnonGhost was here".

Previous media reports have said AnonGhost is a group of pro-Palestinian hackers.

The Twitter page of the police was also hacked. One tweet read: "Najib Razak...we are coming to you..."

Police chief Khalid Abu Bakar told reporters that as far as he knew, police intelligence data was intact and the system had not been compromised. "There is no need to suspend the accounts. For now, we are not opening a new account."


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