Single mother in Kuala Lumpur jailed eight years for robbing, kidnapping wheelchair user

KUALA LUMPUR (BERNAMA) - The Sessions Court in Kuala Lumpur sentenced a 26-year-old single mother to a total of eight years' jail for robbing a 62-year-old wheelchair user at a hospital car park and kidnapping her.

Judge Shamsudin Abdullah handed down the sentence on Aminah Sulaiman after she changed her plea to guilty on Thursday (Jan 11), the first day of her trial.

She was sentenced to five years' jail for robbery and three years for abduction, to be served concurrently from the date of her arrest on Sept 11, 2017.

Aminah was charged with robbing Zaiton Beevi Mohamad Anwar under Section 394 of the Penal Code with voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery on a person with a disability.

The law provides for a jail sentence of up to 20 years and a fine or whipping upon conviction.

Aminah was also charged with kidnapping Zaiton Beevi at the third floor car park of Klinik Pakar Harian Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL).

In mitigation, Aminah's lawyer Latheefa Koya, said the suspect had two young children as well as elderly parents to take care of.

"She committed the offences because she was desperate and has financial problems," said Latheefa, adding that Aminah's father is an amputee.

Deputy public prosecutor Nurakmal Farhan Aziz prosecuted.

According to the facts of the case, Zaiton Beevi was brought to the hospital by her husband.

After receiving treatment, her husband left her at the waiting area in front of the hospital to collect her medication.

It was then that Aminah approached Zaiton Beevi, who was in a wheelchair, and wheeled her to the third flood of the car park and forced her into a car and left the hospital.

In the car, Aminah forcefully removed the jewellery the victim was wearing, causing minor injuries.

After robbing Zaiton Beevi, Aminah left the victim at a bus stop at Jalan Seputeh, Brickfields, where she was found by the police on the same day.