50 things about Asean countries you probably didn't know - Asean's golden jubilee

Asean's golden jubilee: 5 interesting things about Singapore

16. Home to the world's youngest app developer

The world's youngest app developer, Mr Lim Ding Wen, created his first app at nine in 2009.

It is a drawing app named Doodle Kids. Working from an Apple IIGS computer, he wrote it in a few days, before porting it for the iPhone and releasing it for free on the App Store. He is now an aspiring game developer with more than 20 apps under his belt.

17. Who is Old Chang Kee? The man behind the name

There is no such person. The man behind the famous snack chain is Hainanese immigrant Chang Chuan Boo, who set up shop in 1956. He gained fame for his curry puffs at a coffee shop near Rex Cinema. Locals referred to the snacks as the "Rex Curry Puff".

The business was bought by Mr Han Keen Juan in 1986, who transformed the small shop in Mackenzie Road to the chain of stores today. Old Chang Kee was named one of the world's 20 best fast-food franchises by United States-based Travel & Leisure Magazine in 2012.

18. Republic's first fast-food outlet

For many Singaporeans living in the 1970s, their first encounter with fast food was A&W (Allen & Wright). It was the first fast-food chain to open here, bringing in classics such as the Coney Dog, curly fries and the eponymous root beer from the US. A&W ceased its operations here in 2003.

 Mr Lim Ding Wen, who created his first app when he was nine years old, now has more than 20 apps to his name.  ST FILE PHOTO

19. The smell of cocoa in the western region

People travelling to the west of the island might detect the smell of cocoa. The scent comes from two chocolate factories - Cadbury and ADM Cocoa - 1km from Boon Lay MRT station, and which have been in the area for the past two decades. Throug roasting, the outer shells of the beans open - helping to grind them into cocoa powder more efficiently.

Those who happen to be in the western part of Singapore may detect the smell of cocoa from chocolate factories there. .PHOTO: AALST CHOCOLATE 

20. Smelly toilets? No way!

From its humble beginnings as the Restroom Association of Singapore (RAS), the World Toilet Organisation (WTO) was formed to share information and resources between countries to raise the hygiene standards of toilets worldwide.

Given the cleanliness Singapore is known for, it is no surprise that the founder of the RAS and WTO is Singaporean Jack Sim, whose efforts have changed toilets worldwide.

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