Queen consort of Kelantan's Sultan Muhammad V has first public meeting

Sultanah Nur Diana Petra Abdullah (centre) made her first public appearance since she was proclaimed Queen Consort by the Kelantan state government. PHOTO: MEDIA UNIT, SULTAN KELANTAN'S OFFICE/FACEBOOK

KOTA BHARU - The new queen consort of Malaysia's Kelantan state held her first public engagement on Tuesday, following her secret marriage to Sultan Muhammad V.

But no other details of the life of Sultanah Nur Diana Petra Abdullah, including how they met, have been revealed. Her age is also unknown.

The prefix Sultanah denotes her position as Queen Consort, while the suffix Abdullah appears to suggest she is a convert to Islam.

Petra is the family name of the Kelantan royal family.

Her appearance set tongues wagging as Sultan Muhammad V, 52, was previously married to a Russian model, Ms Oksana Voevodina before a stormy divorce around a year later in June 2019.

The new queen consort, in a series of pictures on Facebook released on Wednesday by the Kelantan palace, was shown attending a gathering of Organisation of Kelantan's Royal Relatives the previous day.

The meeting was held at Istana Negeri Kubang Kerian, one of the palaces in the Kelantan capital of Kota Bharu.

Sultanah Nur Diana's name was first made public on Aug 2, when she was officially proclaimed Sultanah by the Kelantan state government, thus revealing to the public that the ruler had secretly remarried.

Sultan Muhammad V belongs to one of the nine royal Malay families, whose rulers take turns every five years to ascend as the country's titular head, the Malaysian King or Agong.

Muhammad V, whose full name is Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra Sultan Ismail Petra, was proclaimed Malaysia's 15th king in December 2016.

In early November 2018, the king went on leave, supposedly to rest "following treatment", but reports soon followed of a secret wedding involving Ms Voevodina, a former Miss Moscow. She is also known as Rihana Petra.

The rumours were neither confirmed nor denied by Malaysia's national palace when two months later, in January 2019, Muhammad V resigned as Agong, becoming the first king in Malaysia's history to abdicate.

The Malaysian media later began reporting that Muhammad V and Ms Voevodina were married in Moscow on June 7, 2018, but had divorced. The sultan's lawyer confirmed the couple had split on June 22, 2019.

Today, Ms Voevodina, 30, continues to post pictures of herself on Instagram with a boy she claims is the sultan's son and whom she has named Prince Ismail Leon.

The sultan through his lawyers said in July 2019 there was no objective evidence to show he is the biological father of the child.

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