Pokemon 'goes' to Myanmar

Gamers in Myanmar catch Pokemon fever even though the game has not been officially launched in their country.

YANGON (Reuters) - Even though it hasn't been officially launched in Myanmar, the game Pokemon Go is luring crowds of gamers there into the search for the virtual creatures.

The game was launched in other parts of Southeast Asia only one week ago.

Already budding Pokemon trainers heading to what may be one of the world's most unusual PokeStops.

This one is set up at a local Chinese Fusan Temple in Yangon.

The players download an app for their phone from third-party providers, and then begin hunting for Pokemon.

But officials are also warning players to beware of thieves who appear to be heading to places where players congregate.

Gamer Myat Min Soe says that's not the fault of the players. He said, "In Singapore, police officials have released warning signs for the gamers. But I don't think we need this in our country. If gamers are robbed, this is not the gamer's fault. The gamers are victims and shouldn't be blamed."

The game's developers have urged players to be aware of their surroundings, but that may be hard to do when a trainer is in hot pursuit of a Bulbasaur.