Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte says anti-money laundering body will make his bank accounts public

Duterte (above) said allegations made by Senator Antonio Trillanes were “pure garbage”.
Duterte (above) said allegations made by Senator Antonio Trillanes were “pure garbage”.PHOTO: EPA

MANILA (REUTERS) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Friday (Feb 17) he had ordered the anti-money laundering council to make public his bank accounts, a day after one of his staunchest critics revived allegations of millions of dollars of hidden assets.

At a private dinner with retired military and police officers in Baguio City, Duterte said he was proud to have been made an honorary member of the Philippine Military Academy class of 1967 and added that "I would shame the class" by any involvement in corruption.

"I've ordered the anti-money laundering council and everybody to give information on what my worth is in this, in terms of pesos on this planet, so I will not shame you," the firebrand leader said.


The anti-money laundering council was set up under the country's central bank to investigate illegal bank transfers and halt the flow of dirty money.

Duterte said the allegations made by Senator Antonio Trillanes, a critic of the president and himself a graduate of the Philippines Military Academy, were "pure garbage".

"If any of my family or I myself were involved in corruption in government, you can be sure... I would resign immediately." he added.

Trillanes, one of only a few politicians who have regularly challenged the popular president, released on Thursday copies of what he said were bank statements from 2006 to 2015, totalling 2.4 billion pesos (S$67.8 million) in numerous accounts, that he said belonged to Duterte and which he had failed to declare before his election last May.

Duterte denied the allegations, advising the senator to file a case in court.

He also defended his partner and daughter, an elected mayor in his hometown Davao City, who he said have the capacity to earn the millions in their bank accounts.

"I must set an example because if I don't I cannot demand obedience," he told the retired officers, promising to "hit hard against corruption" in government during his term, which runs from 2016 to 2022.