Passengers scramble from smoking Lion Air jet before takeoff at Sumatra airport

JAKARTA (Bloomberg) - Passengers scrambled to open the emergency doors to get out of a Lion Air plane before takeoff at an Indonesian airport, after hearing the sound of an explosion.

Black smoke came from the jet's power unit as it was waiting at Kualanamu airport in Medan on Sumatra island, with some passengers hurt while exiting the plane, J.A. Barata, a spokesman at the transport ministry, said on Friday. They were no fatalities, he said.

The cause of the incident at 1 pm local time on the Boeing 737-900ER plane is still being investigated, said Andy Saladin, a Lion Air spokesman in Jakarta. The plane was carrying 214 people including crew, Indonesia's largest airline said in a statement.

"There was a sound of explosion heard from the back of the plane," Saladin said by phone. "Some passengers then panicked and opened the emergency exit. We have some reported minor injuries."

Boeing is aware of it and is waiting for further information, said Jay Krishnan, a company spokeswoman.

Earlier this month a bomb threat on a Batik Air plane, owned by Lion Group, forced it into an emergency landing. Pilot errors caused a Lion Air plane to crash into the sea next to Bali airport in 2013, an investigation reported in September.

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