Netizens outraged that Malaysian father and son face murder charges over death of robber

PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Netizens are outraged over the news that a Malaysian chef and his son are being charged with murder after allegedly killing a robber who broke into a house where they were staying.

Chef Moo He Hong, 57, and his son Moo Wee Keong, 29, are facing the death penalty for the alleged murder of Chan Boon Poh in Seremban, Negri Sembilan on Feb 24.

Chan allegedly slashed Moo's wife Kuek Soo Lan, a Singaporean, before the family fought back.

Chan was killed in the ensuing scuffle. An accomplice managed to flee the scene.

On Thursday, Facebook users defended the actions of the father and son, claiming that they acted out of self-defence.

"This is absurd! Can someone tell me why is there a trial for this?! So the next time someone comes into my home with a knife, I should just let it be because fighting back may result in his death and hence, mine too, What a lesson," said Facebook user Sew Yen Jung Platypus.

Another user Ik CheongLoon commented: "The family should be allowed to defend themselves after robbers entered their house."

"Personally, if a person comes into my house illegally with the intention to rob & slashes my family members with a knife, he has given up all his rights," said Daniel Wong.

Also sharing the same view, Kelvin Loo Quan Huei posted: "If a man I don't know enter my house and hurt my loved ones, his actually digging s own grave."

Some even joked that robbers should be treated differently from now on.

"Next time when a robber enters your house, please accept him with a warm welcome, nice food. Tell them where you keep all the money," commented Alan Boey.

Adibah A Hamid wrote: "Woh! Cant even defend oneself? There were two robbers what do you expect people to do? Sit still and let them cut us up and hurt our loved ones?"

Madam Kuek, who received 25 stitches on her arm, said her husband and son were acting in self-defence.

She also claimed that Chan was conscious when they tied him up, and it was not clear how he died.

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