Najib's wife says no grudges against anyone, sees current events as trials and tribulations

Then Malaysia PM Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor arriving at the nomination centre in Pekan, Pahang, on April 28, 2018. PHOTO: AFP

KUALA LUMPUR - The high-profile wife of former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak said she bore no grudges against those who have turned against her and her husband after their fall from power in the recent general election.

"It's normal in politics. When you're up, everybody adores us, but when you have problem, it is expected. It is just part and parcel of life," Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor told the Malay Mail online news in an interview published on Sunday (May 20).

"I don't mind. It's okay. Everybody has got their right about what they want to say," she said.

In the interview at the family's mansion, the news site said she seemed at ease in her yellow, flowing kaftan and reading glasses.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin was widely seen as appearing to lay the Barisan Nasional's (BN) shocking loss on Datuk Seri Najib, saying they did not dare to speak out against the former premier for fear of reprisals.

Mr Najib in 2015 removed former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin and Sabah chieftain Shafie Apdal from the Cabinet after they criticised him over the 1MDB scandal.

Madam Rosmah in the Malay Mail interview said her focus now is to protect her family and herself.

Mr Najib quit as Umno president and BN chairman after the May 9 electoral defeat of the coalition, and has been summoned to meet anti-graft officials on Tuesday (May 22) to be questioned over a sum of money found in his account allegedly from a former unit of state fund 1MDB.

Amid the ongoing police raid on her family's house in Taman Duta, Madam Rosmah said she hoped things would soon return to normal.

"I would like this to be over as soon as possible, because we want to move on with our lives."

She added: "We are taking it quite well. I think we're quite relaxed, being a family of politicians. This is just one of those trials and tribulations, hazards of being in politics."

She told the Malay Mail: "I'm not asking for this kind of life, but it's a much more relaxed life when I can do my thing. When I feel like sleeping, I can sleep when I feel like waking up, I can wake up."

She asked to be treated with due courtesy by the police as Malaysians.

"I can take all that pre-dawn raids. I understand. I believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Otherwise, we have to be treated like normal human beings. The right to dignity," she added.

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