More than 130 Phuket flights retimed due to urgent runway repairs

BANGKOK - More than 130 flights have been rescheduled at Phuket International Airport in Thailand to allow urgent repairs of cracks on the runway surface.

A total of 75 flights were rescheduled on Monday (Feb 26) while at least 59 others will be cancelled on Tuesday, reported Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

The airport's director, Phet Chancharoen, was quoted as saying the decision to close a runway during the early hours of Monday (Feb 26) and Tuesday followed reports of cracks late on Sunday.

Small cracks were found in an area covering 9 sq m, while another area of 84 sq m between the runway and the taxiway required attention, reported Phuket Gazette.

Airports officials said the cracks were caused by an increase in traffic during the tourist high season and the recent surge in airline traffic during the Chinese New Year.

They said the runway needed urgent attention as a precaution, though the cracks presented no immediate danger to aircraft operations at the airport.

The Phuket Land Transport Office was asked to ensure additional buses were provided for affected passengers. Drinks and resting areas were also prepared on the third and fourth floors of the international terminal, as well as at the X-terminal which serves charter flights.