MH370 hijacking not true: lead investigator

The head of the investigation into the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has denied any evidence of hijacking, The Telegraph has reported.

Rather, hijacking is just one of a number of possible lines that they are looking at.

His comments came after a Malaysian government official told Associated Press that investigators had concluded that one of the pilots, or someone else with flying experience, hijacked the missing Boeing 777-200ER jet carrying 239 people.

The official said that hijacking was no longer a theory. "It is conclusive."

Refuting this claim, Mr Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, who is leading the MH370 investigation, told the Telegraph: "It is not conclusive. I'm heading the investigation and nobody is saying that. It's not true.

"We are looking at the possibility, we're looking at all possibilities. We're doing every profile of the passengers and crew but there is no firm evidence or leads so far."