MH370 families bombard officials with questions in closed-door briefing

KUALA LUMPUR - One hour into an ongoing closed-door briefing that the Malaysian authorities are holding on Thursday night for the families of passengers on board Flight MH370, one family member came out and told The Straits Times that the authorities were bombarded with questions they could not answer.

Many of the questions were about the collection of radar data that could help reveal more about the trajectory of the missing plane and aid in its search but the Malaysian officials were at a loss to answer the queries.

"All the families are very angry. Its a waste of our time. They didn't tell us anything new or what we don't already know," Mr Chng, a Malaysian, said in a short interview before he went back in to rejoin the briefing.

His sister Chng Meiling, 33, is among the 239 people on board the Malaysia Airlines plane missing since March 8.

He added that the relatives have been told Malaysia Airlines will fly them to Australia if the plane is found there.