Marigold HL milk products recalled in Malaysia due to bacterial contamination; Singapore not affected

A one-litre carton of Marigold HL milk.
A one-litre carton of Marigold HL milk. PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

PETALING JAYA - Malaysia Milk has issued a recall of its Marigold HL Milk products that come in 200ml and one-litre packages, The Star reported. 

The recall is limited to products with an expiry date of up till Nov 7 (for peninsular Malaysia) and Nov 11 (Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan).

Malaysia Dairy Industries, the company behind the Marigold brand, assured on Facebook that all its Marigold HL milk products sold in Singapore are produced in the country and not affected by the product recall in Malaysia. 

According to the company, the recall in Malaysia was issued following customer feedback that suggested the viscosity of its Marigold HL chocolate milk was higher than usual.

It said that while customer feedback had only highlighted its Marigold HL chocolate milk, the company was taking "proactive measures" to recall other products, including Marigold HL Chocolate Milk, Marigold HL Plain Milk and Marigold HL Strawberry Milk.

Marigold HL Milk with Plant Sterols is also among the products recalled, but only for its one-litre packs.

In a statement on Monday (Oct 17), the company said the quality of the milk had been compromised due to bacterial contamination and the issue had been rectified. “Side effects of consuming the compromised quality of milk may include mild stomach discomfort. There are no long-term side effects,” the company said, according to the New Straits Times. 

It stressed that the health and safety of customers was  its top priority. “We have taken proactive measures and have successfully recalled all our products from retail outlets. An additional and more stringent Quality Control is now in place on finished products to keep a daily check on products to ensure conformity with the highest international standards,” said Malaysia Milk general manager Poh Eng Lip.

Malaysia Milk said it has resumed normal production at  its plant and was already delivering new batches of Marigold HL Milk to retail stores, the paper reported.