Malaysian police to deploy 64,000 over polls

PASIR GUDANG • Malaysian police are conducting another round of training early next month to prepare their personnel for the country's upcoming general election.

The police force's Internal Security and Public Order Department director Zulkifli Abdullah said on Wednesday that more than 64,000 officers and personnel will be on duty during the election, which must be called by August and is expected to be held in the coming months. He said they will be deployed throughout the country to ensure the polls are free of incidents.

"The police have also taken into consideration the possibility of an increase in the number of seats or changes in constituencies. Our numbers are enough to ensure the general election goes on smoothly," he said.

He also said that apart from polling centres, police personnel would be assigned to operations rooms and other locations. "Our biggest deployment will be on polling day, but we also do not foresee any problems during nomination day and the campaigning period."

He added that 5,000 police volunteer reserve members will be posted at police stations to take over or perform the duties of police personnel who are assigned to polling centres.


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