Malaysian police investigating report of 19-year-old girl who said she was raped by grandfather, dad and uncles

KUCHING (BERNAMA) - Four men have been arrested in Malaysia after a 19-year-old girl claimed that she was raped by her own grandfather, father and two uncles since she was 13.

The incident allegedly occurred in the town of Serian, which is located about 50km from Kuching.

Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department chief Dev Kumar said they had received an initial report about a pregnant girl who was admitted at the Serian Hospital at about 2.30pm on Friday (Aug 11).

Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) Dev said the girl claimed that she was raped by the four men and that her 14-year-old sister was also a victim.

"The girl said her younger sister had been raped since she was nine years old. All the incidents were said to have occurred at their home," he said in a statement on Friday.

Police have arrested four suspects aged between 26 years old and 57 years old.

SAC Dev said the suspects were her biological father, grandfather and uncles who all live in the same house.

He added that all four are farmers and are being investigated for incest.