Malaysian King: Don't take peace, prosperity for granted

KUALA LUMPUR • Malaysians should always be grateful for the peace and prosperity they enjoy and never take them for granted, the country's King, Sultan Muhammad V, said.

The King, who is also the Sultan of Kelantan, said he believed that the public had become wiser from studying the atrocities that have taken place in other countries, including the Middle East, where armed conflict and bloodshed have been the order of the day, the Bernama news agency reported.

"As such, I call on my beloved subjects to always appreciate efforts made to safeguard peace and security in the country. Do not look at it as petty and take it lightly.

"Appreciate the struggles and sacrifices, sweat and tears of members of the security forces who sacrificed everything for the sake of ensuring our country's peace and harmony," he said in conjunction with his official birthday celebration on Saturday.

Malaysia practises a rotating monarchy system among the nine states which have hereditary royal rulers known as sultans. The king acts as the country's head of state, and is elected from among the sultans that form the Conference of Rulers.

Sultan Muhammad V said the people should be alert to negative developments, such as the emergence of terrorist groups, which he said is a serious concern around the world.

The King also said that he remained optimistic that the various races and ethnic groups are among Malaysia's most valuable assets and would continue with the agenda of unity.


Stop the negative actions that bring losses to our country, and the irresponsible speculation and assumptions.

MALAYSIA'S KING, SULTAN MUHAMMAD V, on how the country's people should continue the agenda of unity and back the national economic agenda.

He added that it was important that the people back the national economic agenda.

"Stop the negative actions that bring losses to our country, and the irresponsible speculation and assumptions," he said. "Despite having to face various challenges, I believe that with the mandate and support of the people, the Government will continue to be strong," he added.

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