Malaysian girl allegedly sold: Singapore couple say 2-year-old toddler back in Johor Baru

JOHOR BARU - The Malaysian toddler "adopted" by a Singaporean couple - after she was allegedly sold by her father to a middleman - is now back in Johor Baru.

Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported on Saturday (Jan 2) that two-year-old Angie Tiong is currently under the care of the couple's relative in JB.

The couple, who have agreed to return Angie to her Malaysian aunt and uncle, will hold a press conference in Johor on Monday to address the rumours over their adoption of the child.

Angie's disappearance on Nov 9 had sparked a frantic search by her relatives. A police report was lodged in early December.

She was allegedly taken away by her father, who has a history of substance abuse, from her relatives' home and sold to a man for RM12,000 (S$3,935). Angie's Vietnamese mother had reportedly abandoned her when she was five months old.


According to Malaysian paper China Press, local police have confirmed that Angie had been adopted by the Singaporean couple, who are childless.

Angie's uncle Luo Jie Cheng, 49, told reporters previously that the couple had promised to take Angie to the  Johor Police Headquarters on Thursday after reading about her disappearance in the papers.

But the furniture worker and his wife waited for hours in vain as the Singaporean couple failed to show up.

Speaking to reporters on behalf of the Singaporean couple, secretary of the Chinese Association of Johor Baru Ye Yuan Ming said they were willing to relinquish custody of Angie to Mr Luo and his wife.

Mr Ye said the couple had been under intense scrutiny since Angie's disappearance came to light but wished to clarify that were not involved in child trafficking and had merely wanted to adopt a child of their own.

Wanbao said Angie was healthy and had even put on weight.

Mr Ye is currently trying to arrange a meeting between the couple and Angie's relatives.

Angie's uncle, Mr Luo, told Wanbao he was relieved to find out that Angie was safe and intended to withdraw their police report.