Malaysia Edition: Little love lost for Rosmah | Investors steering clear

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After Najib Razak became Malaysia’s first ex-premier to be jailed, his once powerful wife Rosmah Mansor was also convicted of graft last week. She remains free on bail, pending an appeal.

But while former Umno chief Najib has pockets of supporters who continue to claim he's innocent, there has been little sympathy for Rosmah whose lavish lifestyle and courtroom dramatics have been well documented.

Najib has applied for a royal pardon, meaning he will remain Pekan MP for now. But he is still barred from contesting in a general election if he is not freed before polls are held.

The business community is meanwhile waiting with bated breath for the national vote due anytime in the next 12 months, in hopes the outcome will provide more political and policy certainty after years of instability following Malaysia’s first ever change of government in 2018.

That landmark result however still falls short of prominent activist Haris Ibrahim's high standards. Despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer, he fights on to realise his wish - for Malaysia to elect leaders with integrity.

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Investors less than keen to take big bets

The numerous policy flip-flops include the on-again, off-again Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed rail project.


Little sympathy for Rosmah

Details of her high-end lifestyle have portrayed the ex-PM's wife as being out of touch with common folk and their daily struggles.


Twists and turns in trial of Malaysia's 'first lady'

The trial of the self-titled former "first lady of Malaysia" was often punctuated with drama in the dock.


Jailed Najib still an MP after filing for royal pardon

A decision on his pardon could take months or even years.


Activist with Stage 4 cancer fighting for political change

Lawyer Haris Ibrahim, who founded the Anything But Umno movement, is urging Malaysians to vote for a clean government in the next general election.


Vital to strengthen cooperation: Lawrence Wong

As Singapore embarks on its leadership transition, it will continue to find ways to strengthen its relationship with neighbour Malaysia, the deputy prime minister added.


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