Malaysia Edition: Doctor crunch | Saving Gunung Raya

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Even as we enjoy more freedom thanks to Covid-19 vaccines, fresh waves of infections caused by new variants are giving Malaysian doctors anxiety over an ongoing manpower crunch.

The effects of food shortages and inflation continue to be felt down the supply chain as Malaysian food sellers feel the squeeze from the lifting of cooking oil subsidies. In Singapore, chicken sellers are plugging away but still hoping for a swift end to Malaysia’s export ban.

While Covid-19 and inflation continue to dominate headlines, a little-known mining project in the popular resort getaway of Langkawi is flying under the radar despite being a major threat to the island’s water supply as well as a 10-million-year-old forest.

Conservationists and locals are fighting the development in the Gunung Raya forest reserve which is sidestepping environmental rules by reducing its size below 20ha, raising fears that the loophole could be exploited elsewhere in Malaysia.

Langkawi mining project shows loophole in environmental regulations

Critics say the mining projects are incredibly lucrative because of the old and rare trees such as cengal, gaharu and merbau that will be logged.


Doctors fear manpower crunch as new Covid-19 wave looms

Those leaving had cited burnout after two years of pandemic that saw them working longer hours on stagnant salaries.


Food sellers, consumers feel the pinch

After most cooking oil subsidies were scrapped by the government, some food operators have seen their ingredients nearly double in prices.


Chicken vendors hopeful for Malaysia's ban to end

One poultry seller in Singapore said many of her customers still prefer the chicken from Malaysia, despite other available options.


Lawyer issued conditional warning by Singapore police

Mr Zaid Abd Malek had suggested that Singapore's courts had been unfair and ignored due process by rushing a hearing involving a drug trafficker.


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