Malaysia cops deny having released details on MAS pilot's flight simulator

PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Malaysian police deny having released information to a Malay daily about a flight simulator that belongs to the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah.

Malaysia's Berita Harian earlier reported that Captain Zaharie's flight simulator was loaded with five landing sites in the northern and southern corridors of the ongoing search and rescue operation.

"The simulation programmes are based on runways at the Male International Airport in Maldives, an airport owned by the United States (Diego Garcia), and three other runways in India and Sri Lanka, all have runway lengths of 1,000m," Berita Harian quoted the unnamed source as saying.

Commenting on the report, assistant chief at the Inspector-general of Police Secretariat Asmawati Ahmad said the police had never issued such a statement, neither in an official nor anonymous capacity.

"We cannot reveal such information as nothing is conclusive yet.

"The flight simulator is currently being investigated by Bukit Aman's (police headquarters) special task force," she said when contacted on Tuesday.

The police seized Captain Zaharie's flight simulator from his house in Shah Alam on Saturday and had reassembled it at the police headquarters for further examinations.