Malaysia asks for more help as search for missing MH370 continues: Minister

KUALA LUMPUR - Search efforts for the missing MH370 plane are continuing as Malaysia asks for more help, said Malaysia's Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein on Friday.

He will be speaking to US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel on Friday night on deploying more assets for the search and rescue operations, Mr Hishammuddin said at a daily press briefing.

Malaysia is also obtaining help from French experts who recovered the black box of Air France Flight 447 after two years, said Mr Hishammuddin, who is also Defence Minister.

"Malaysia is still awaiting information on whether the debris spotted in the Indian Ocean are linked to MH370," he said.

Japan is sending two aircraft to Perth to assist in the search in the southern Indian Ocean while China is sending five ships and three ship-borne helicopters to the southern corridor.

Malaysia is awaiting confirmation on whether Kazakhstan can be used as a staging point for future investigations but Kazakhstan has said it has not found any trace of MH370, he added.

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet resumed on Friday morning in the remote southern Indian Ocean, where satellite images indicated "credible" evidence of large debris.

MH370 Australia graphic

Earlier on Friday, Mr Hishammuddin told reporters that no concrete evidence has been found so far.

"We have been very consistent in making sure every lead is corroborated," he said.

Australia's Defence Minister David Johnston had said it could take two to three days to know anything more definite. Australia cautioned that it may be difficult to find the debris due to ocean drift.

Australian officials have also warned that the objects might be parts of containers.

"This is going to be long haul," Mr Hishammuddin said on Friday.