Malaysia Airlines MH370 missing: When was the last contact

UPDATE: Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak disclosed new information on the whereabouts of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared on March 8.

Here is a rundown of what happened early that Saturday morning pieced from various official statements.

12.41am: The Boeing 777-200ER jetliner carrying 239 people takes off from Kuala Lumpur Interntational Airport for Beijing.

1.07am: Last transmission received from the plane, which said everything was operating normally, according to Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

Time unclear: Just before the aircraft reached the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (Acars) was disabled.

About 1.20am: Malaysian air traffic controllers in Kuala Lumpur hand over communications to their Vietnamese counterparts in Ho Chih Minh City. The last words heard from the cockpit were: "All right, goodnight".

1.21am: Near the border between Malaysian and Vietnamese air traffic control, the aircraft's transponder was switched off.

1.22am: MH370 was meant to transfer to Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh air traffic control but it never appeared.

1.23am: Vietnam informs Malaysia that they cannot contact the plane.

1.30am: The last certain contact between the plane and air traffic control when it was flying over the South China Sea, between Malaysia and Vietnam.

2.15am: A military defence radar picks up an unidentified blip 322km north-west of Penang. On Saturday, Mr Najib confirmed the flight picked up by the radar was MH370.

6.30am: Flight failed to land in Beijing as scheduled.

7.24am: MAS announced it had lost contact with the flight.

8.11am: Last confirmed communication between the plane and a satellite. Investigators have determined that the plane's last communication with the satellite was in one of two possible corridors: a northern corridor from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand and a southern corridor from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.