Leaked footage shows MH370 pilots going through airport security checks

Leaked footage which purportedly showed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 pilot Zaharie Ahmed Shah and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid going through security checks at the Kuala Lumpur airport before boarding the plane has made its rounds online.

The footage, which appeared to be taken from a closed-circuit television (CCTV), showed Captain Zaharie, 53, followed by Mr Fariq, 27, going through a quick, routine check by a security officer, before collecting their bags.

The pilots, flight crew and even the passengers are now under scrutiny after Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak acknowledged for the first time on Saturday that the plane was deliberately diverted, and that it could have gone as far north as Kazakhstan in Central Asia or southwards towards the Indian Ocean.

The Malaysian police had searched the homes of the two pilots. According to reports, the family of Capt Zaharie have moved out of their house in Laman Seri, a posh gated community in Shah Alam. It remains unclear, however, when they chose to leave their home. A report from Malaysia's The Star newspaper said the family moved out a few days ago after MH370 went missing, but the Malay Mail said they moved to a different house even before the plane disappeared.