Lahad Datu kidnap victim contacts employer for ransom demand: Bernama

TAWAU - One of three Indonesians kidnapped by five armed men in Malaysia has contacted his employer over the kidnappers' ransom demand, Bernama reported on Tuesday (July 12).

"We have yet to ascertain whether the call was made from his (victim's) handphone or that of others but we know for sure the call originated from the Philippines,"said Abdul Fatah Zainal, Indonesia's consul in Tawau.

The victim made the call less than 24 hours after being kidnapped on Saturday (July 9), Abdul Fatah said.

The consul also vowed to work closely with the Malaysian authorities to free the three victims, identified as Lorence Koten, 34, Teo Dorus Kopong, 42, and Emanuel, 46.

"The three of them have been in Sabah for less than a year and work as fishermen in Lahad Datu," he was quoted by Bernama as saying.

They were kidnapped while fishing in Lahad Datu waters at 11.40pm. However, four of their fellow crewmen on their trawler were freed by the kidnappers, Bernama said.