Kuala Lumpur not filing charges in Azmin sex video case

Malaysian prosecutors will not be filing charges over sex videos allegedly involving Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali and a young politician as local and foreign forensic investigators have failed to conclusively identify the two men seen in the clips, Attorney-General Tommy Thomas said yesterday.

Government agency Cyber Security Malaysia had concluded that the videos were authentic but the resolution was too poor to use facial recognition analysis in order to positively identify the two individuals in the clips circulated.

Tan Sri Thomas said that because of Cyber Security's inconclusive findings, Malaysian police then sent the videos to be independently analysed by forensic experts in the United States.

However, US investigators also found that the low resolution and quality of the videos as well as the "relatively few number of video frames in which the suspect is clearly visible", prevented them from using facial analysis to identify the men.

Police also received an unsolicited analysis report on the videos from a private individual which confirmed the earlier two reports, added Mr Tommy.

"In these circumstances and upon reviewing evidence as gathered and submitted by (police)... my deputy public prosecutors unanimously recommended to me that no charges be proffered in connection with the videos," he said in a statement.

"I have accepted their recommendation and have decided not to prosecute any person. Consistent with our normal practice, investigations may be reopened if and when new evidence becomes available," he added.

The clips were released anonymously via WhatsApp in June last year, with Parti Keadilan Rakyat youth leader Haziq Aziz claiming that he and party deputy president Azmin were the two men in the videos.

Mr Azmin said in a statement yesterday: "As I have consistently maintained from the beginning, this (slander) video is nothing but a nefarious plot to destroy my political career... I had no doubt that justice will be done."

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