KL murder: 7 walk free after victim's husband fails to testify

KUALA LUMPUR • The Malaysian High Court has absolved the husband of property agent Renyce Wong from involvement in her murder, but held that his failure to testify in the trial of the seven accused helped all of them to get off scot-free.

Justice Azman Abdullah, who acquitted and discharged the seven over the gruesome murder in Taman Overseas Union Garden in Kuala Lumpur last year, held that the chain of evidence in the case had been broken because Datin Wong's husband, Datuk Wong Chun Keen, did not turn up to give evidence.

This resulted in a weak case against the six men and one woman, said the judge.

He made the decision at the end of the prosecution's case on Friday. Malaysia's Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali said that his office would appeal against the decision "as soon as possible".

Mrs Wong, a mother of five, was gunned down in broad daylight in Kuala Lumpur while driving her children and maid to lunch at 2.30pm on July 6 last year.

The 32-year-old's daughter, who was in the car's front passenger seat, was also hit when gunmen fired five bullets at the Toyota Vellfire, one piercing the child's intestines in nine places.

Her daughter, who was then eight years old, survived after emergency operations.

Justice Azman said Mr Wong's failure to turn up in court to testify raised two possibilities, adding: "First, he has knowledge of the murder and is afraid to come forward. Second, he could be involved."

The judge, however, noted that there was the testimony of the final witness, Mr Wong's younger sibling, who said the victim once mentioned to her "to pass all the documents to the husband should anything happen to her".

This testimony, he said, absolved Mr Wong's involvement in the murder but his non-appearance broke the chain of evidence.

"What are the roles played by the accused persons... in this murder?" the judge said.


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