Johor to conduct cloud-seeding operations to solve water shortage problems

The Sungai Lebam dam in Johor with water at critical levels in 2016.
The Sungai Lebam dam in Johor with water at critical levels in 2016.PHOTO: SINCHEW

ISKANDAR PUTERI (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The Johor state government is expected to conduct five cloud-seeding operations in the near future in an effort to solve water shortage issues, said state exco member Jimmy Puah.

He said the operation was expected to cost a total of RM175,000 (S$57,800) and that the money would be taken from an emergency fund.

"Each cloud-seeding operation will cost about RM35,000," he added.

Mr Puah, who is state international trade, investment and utility committee chairman, said the cost was not the main concern.

"There are other issues that need to be looked into before the operations are carried out. We need to look at other factors such as the weather and timing, besides having to consult the Malaysian Meteorological Department," he said, adding that the success rate of cloud-seeding was only 10 to 20 per cent.

He said despite the critical water level recorded at the Lebam Dam, the cloud-seeding operation could not be done, as the area was near a beach with fewer clouds.

He said this after the Johor state assembly sitting at Bangunan Sultan Ismail in Kota Iskandar on Thursday (Sept 12).

Earlier at the state assembly, Mr Puah said the state government had conducted a number of projects to address issues that had risen due to the hot weather and El Nino phenomenon.

This included the raw water supply from Seluyut Dam to Lebam Dam, the raw water distribution project from Sungai Lenggor to Congok Dam, the Layang Two project (Phase Two) involving the distribution of water from Seluyut Dam to Upper Layang Dam, as well as the raw water distribution from Kahang Dam to the East Sembrong raw water treatment plant.


Mr Puah said the state government had also sent proposals to the Federal government for the approval of several projects that would help deal with water shortage issues here.

"This includes the construction of a dam in Sungai Ulu Sedili Besar, a barrage for Sungai Sedili Besar and coastal reservoirs for Johor and Pulai rivers.

"We hope these projects will be implemented by the Federal Government by 2020," he added.

Mr Puah said this in reply to questions regarding future plans to solve water shortage issues from Datuk Syed Sis Syed Abdul Rahman (BN-Tanjung Surat), Najib Lep (PAS-Bukit Pasir), Cheo Yee How (PH-Perling) and Yeo Tung Siong (PH-Pekan Nenas).