Johor prince: Leaders should not be a laughing stock

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor.
Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor.PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The Johor Crown Prince has showered praises on the state's Menteri Besar, claiming that his efforts "in the pursuit of righteousness and concern of Johor's future" are exemplary and should be emulated by other leaders.

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim in a recent posting on the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page praised Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin, saying he "wholeheartedly commend(s) the latter's efforts.

"His efforts are exemplary and should be emulated by other leaders," he wrote, adding that Khaled was unlike others "who have abandoned their principles for personal gain".

Tunku Ismail's comments came amid unhappiness among several Umno leaders in the southern state over a recent move by Prime Minister Najib Razak to oust his deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin.The move came after Tan Sri Muhyiddin criticised Datuk Seri Najib publicly over the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal.

Muhyiddin, who remains as Umno deputy president, was Johor's Menteri Besar for nearly a decade and retains strong influence over the state.

Khaled had on Sunday told a gathering of Umno delegates in Johor that while he respects Najib's decision to drop his deputy, Johor Umno would continue to accord Muhyiddin the necessary respect as the party's deputy president.

In the Facebook post, Tunku Ismail also took a sly dig at leaders who did not have a stand and urged people to be mindful when selecting a leader.

"Also not to be like some who only sings praises of certain leaders, but upon realising the discontent of the people, quickly change their stand," he said.

"In choosing leaders, we must be mindful to appoint those who are qualified, wise, and transparent, as not to be a laughing stock of the people," he added.