Indonesia's police nab another suspect linked to Batam plot to fire rocket towards Singapore's Marina Bay

Indonesian anti-terror police conduct a raid at a house in Batam on Aug 5, 2016.
Indonesian anti-terror police conduct a raid at a house in Batam on Aug 5, 2016.PHOTO: AFP

JAKARTA - Indonesian police on Saturday (Sept 3) arrested another suspect in connection with the plot to fire a rocket towards Singapore's Marina Bay.

The 24-year-old, identified by the police only with the initials "LH", is said to be a member of the Katibah Gonggong Rebus (KGR) or Boiled-Snails Cell in Batam, a domestic terror cell led by former electronics factory worker Gigih Rahmat Dewa.

Gigih, 31, is said to have planned the Marina Bay attack under the direction of Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian militant believed to be in the Middle East fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

He and five other suspected members of the KGR were arrested on Aug 5.

LH, who is unemployed, was nabbed at an Internet cafe near his home in Batu Aji, on Batam Island, said police spokesman Agus Rianto on Sunday (Sept 4).

"Together with other KGR members, he underwent drills using air-soft guns as preparations... for Syria," he added.

According to an Antara news report, LH is believed to have also been involved with Gigih's plan to attack Marina Bay, although no other details were available.

The plot to fire the rocket at Marina Bay was one of several terror threats thwarted by the Indonesian authorities in recent months following an attack in the capital Jakarta in January this year and a foiled suicide bombing at a police outpost in Solo in July.

ISIS had claimed responsibility for the Jan 14 attack in Jakarta, while Nur Rohman, the suicide bomber in the Solo incident is also said to have links with the KGR.