Indonesia's 'ojek' motorcycle taxi services popular among Pokemon Go players

Pokemon Go players in Indonesia have used ojek (motorcycle taxi) services to play the game.
Pokemon Go players in Indonesia have used ojek (motorcycle taxi) services to play the game. PHOTO: AFP

JAKARTA (THE JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Although not officially launched in Indonesia, Pokemon Go has quickly become a hit among Indonesians, especially those living in big cities like Jakarta and Bandung.

Interestingly, players of the smartphone game have come up with a solution to hunt fictional creatures called Pokemon in a more practical way - using ojek (motorcycle taxi) services.

"(Pokemon Go) is indeed very popular. I just transported (players) to a location," Mr Iwan Maulana, 38, an ojek driver in Bandung who posted an ad regarding the service on Facebook, told on Thursday (July 14).

Mr Iwan was surprised to see how some players were willing to risk their life to catch the Pokemon. He said that a motorcyclist had almost got himself killed when trying to hunt Pokemon while driving.

He also saw a group of junior high school students get out of their car to catch Pokemon using their smartphones. He believes that it is safer to use an ojek for the hunt.

The augmented reality game requires players to hunt for Pokemon creatures outdoors, while constantly checking their phones, which can be dangerous if they are not paying attention to their surroundings.

National Police spokesman Brigadier-General Boy Rafli Amar told on Thursday that people were prohibited from playing Pokemon Go while driving.

"It is possible for the Pokemon Go game to be dangerous for the public. People should be aware, especially when they play the game in public places," he said.