Indonesian slum gets colourful makeover

Indonesian slum turns into tourist spot after colorful makeover.

SEMARANG, INDONESIA (REUTERS) Once considered a slum, Kampung Pelangi has become a tourist attraction for local and international visitors following a colourful makeover.

The village now known as the 'Rainbow Village' in English, has undergone a month long facelift worth 300 million Indonesian Rupiah (SGD$31,287) provided by the local government.

Private high school teacher, 54-year-old Slamet Widodo says he came up with the colourful makeover idea after seeing similar projects in other parts of the country.

He believes the new look will bring benefits to the village and encourage local residents to be more active and creative.

Visitors are flocking everyday to take pictures and pose next to the technicolor houses.

Local visitors say they used to pass by the village without paying it any attention until it became eye catching.

Local residents say they are feeling the change with many able to increase their livelihoods.

Painting work is still ongoing on some houses that have not yet been transformed.