Indonesian president Joko Widodo in YouTube video Q&A reveals love for Indonesian metal bands Slank and Burgerkill

JAKARTA (THE JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Indonesian president and budding vlogger Joko Widodo has shared his favourite bands in a video posted on his YouTube account on Monday (March 27).

A self-confessed heavy metal fan, the Indonesian leader, also known as Jokowi, made his preferences known in the first episode of his new YouTube feature titled #Jokowi Menjawab or Jokowi Answers, where he responds to questions submitted by young Indonesians.

In response to a question by 14 year-old Evan Sihombing about Mr Joko's favourite albums and songs, Mr Joko replied that he used to be a fan of metal and rock bands such as Metallica, Nazareth and the Scorpions. He said that the 1986 Metallica album Master of Puppets and the band's song 'One' were among his favourites.

Mr Joko added that he was currently into Indonesian metal bands such as Slank and Burgerkill, adding that the lyrics from the local bands made him feel optimistic and gave him the spirit to move forward.

The second question came from Rangga Wiguna, who asked whether Mr Joko would have become a politician had he been in a band.

The president answered that he would have loved to be a drummer if he had been a band member. He also said that the calling to be a politician could happen to anyone but one should remember that politicians and leaders need to have a vision and mission that bring greater things to the people.

Dedicated to youngsters aged 13 to 20 years old, the first episode of the video feature discussed music and the creative industry.

The call for questions on the Q&A was announced on the president's official Facebook on Feb 18. Participants were required to create a 30-second-long YouTube video with their questions for submission.

Mr Joko reportedly received a total of 425 videos from 26 provinces.

In the video, Mr Joko also spoke about the young generation's opportunities in the creative industry.