Indonesia house put on sale, includes marriage offer

YOGYAKARTA - A house has been put on sale in Indonesia with the owner selling the home, which includes a fish pond and a spacious back garden, along with a marriage offer.

The asking price of the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home in the Sleman district near Yogyakarta is about 999 million rupiah (S$110,000). But that is no match for the unusual offer of 40-year-old single mother Wina Lia's hand in marriage.

The offer, which was put up in an online advertisement on property website, was concocted by property agent Dian Purna Dirgantara.

"Buy at the asking price and take the owner as your wife (terms and conditions apply)," a listing on the website read.

The offer has since taken off on social media with Ms Wina telling news website she had agreed to it as she was "looking for a husband anyway", according to a report on Time magazine.

"I don't blame Dian as I did agree with the tagline," Time reported her as saying. "Every time I fall in love, it fails - it's happened twice now. My wish is to sell this house, but it would be great if I also meet my soulmate."

So far, the ad has received an overwhelming response, Time reported, citing an interview with Mr Dian. "There are continuous calls, I didn't count how many; there must be dozens or even hundreds," he told Time. But he clarified that interested buyers did not have to accept the offer of marriage. "If someone just wants the house, he can have that," he said.

Ms Wina, reportedly a salon owner, said she was not looking for any particular criteria in a husband. "He just has to be a good Muslim and family leader," she reportedly told