Hailstorm in Ipoh shocks residents

A freak thunderstorm hit Ipoh Garden, Perak as a hail of "ice pellets" rained down hard in the area on Monday afternoon. However, there were no reports of damages to property in the area.VIDEO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

IPOH (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A freak thunderstorm hit Ipoh on Monday (March 19) as hailstones rained down hard in the Ipoh Garden area.

Though the hailstones did no serious damage to any property, it came as a shock to people there.

Customer service consultant Estee Kho, who was in the area to pick up her son from tuition class, said the storm started at about 5.15pm.

"It was quite a scary thunderstorm as the blowing wind was even rocking my car.

"I then heard loud 'tick tock' noises on my car roof and saw ice pellets raining down on the windscreen," she said.

Ms Kho, 34, described the situation as "hundreds of stones thrown at my car", adding that the storm lasted about 10 minutes.

She checked her car later and found no dents.

Ipoh Garden resident Marianne Mong, 54, said her dog was jostling the front door, wanting to get into the house during the storm.

"It was then I heard loud noises, like stones being thrown onto the awning roof.

"I went out and saw stone-like objects on the ground. I picked one up and was shocked to feel that it was ice cold," the hotelier said.

Bank officer Chang Kok Khan, 37, sought shelter at a multi-level car park. "I was on my way to fetch my son from school when the hailstorm struck.

"I was afraid that it would shatter my windscreen and so I detoured into the car park and waited for the storm to pass," he said.

The storm also caused several tree branches to fall while roof tiles were blown off.