Flap over big house: PKR Youth leader told to declare assets

KUALA LUMPUR • A 28-year-old Malaysian opposition leader in the spotlight for owning a Disney castle-like house in Kuala Lumpur has been told by a party chief to declare his assets and silence his critics.

Local media yesterday published pictures of Datuk Adam Rosly's big house on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, and pictures of his second house in Putrajaya as well as his luxury cars.

The Youth leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is under pressure to explain his wealth and how he was able to get a Datuk title at such a young age.

His wealth was exposed by Umno leader Jamal Yunos, who on Tuesday took some reporters on a helicopter ride to view the 21/2-storey house in Kampung Melayu Ampang from above.

Mr Jamal, who also heads the pro-Umno protest group known as the Red Shirts, said Mr Adam needs to explain his "incredible wealth".

A PKR vice-president, Mr Rafizi Ramli, said the best way to resolve the issue is for Mr Adam to declare his wealth.

"I will declare my assets next Tuesday or Wednesday. It will be easier if Adam declares his soon," Malaysian media reported Mr Rafizi as saying yesterday.

"Once you have shown that you are transparent and have nothing to hide, I think the (accusations) will stop. Otherwise, Jamal would continue to go on his helicopter ride," he said.

Mr Adam has said that he could afford to buy the house as he is a successful businessman.

"In this day and age, it's not abnormal for the young to be rich. I can assure you that I made my money from hard work," he said.

Mr Adam also said the house was an abandoned property that he purchased at an auction for about RM1 million (S$326,000).

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