Father and son face death penalty for allegedly killing robber who slashed Singaporean mum

SEREMBAN - A father and son are on trial for murder in Malaysia after allegedly killing a robber who broke into a house where they were staying, local media reported on Wednesday.

Malaysian Moo He Hong, a 57-year-old chef, and his son Wee Keong, 29, are accused of causing the death of Mr Chan Boon Poh on Feb 24.

The elder Moo and his Singaporean wife, Ms Kuek Soo Lan, have lived in Singapore for many years. They also have a daughter.

The family returns to Negeri Sembilan every year during Chinese New Year to visit friends and relatives, and the incident happened during their trip back this year.

Chan and an accomplice entered the house where the Moo family was staying late at night on Feb 24, according to the Kwong Wah Daily News.

Allegedly, Chan slashed Madam Kuek with a knife but the family fought back and in the ensuing fracas, Chan was killed. His accomplice fled.

Madam Kuek was injured and required 25 stitches on her arm.

In interviews with the Malaysian media, Madam Kuek said that her husband and her son were acting in self defence. She also claimed that Chan was conscious when they tied him up, and it is not clear how he died.

Moo and his son could be sentenced to death if they are found guilty.

Both have pleaded not guilty and the case will be heard again on April 30, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

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