Family members of Chinese passengers storm into KL press conference room

SEPANG - Several emotional family members of the missing Chinese passengers on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 stormed into the media conference room at Sama-Sama Hotel near Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Wednesday, ahead of a regular press briefing scheduled to begin at 5:30pm.

An emotional mother surnamed Xu demanded to know the whereabouts of her son.

"We can't wait, we just can't wait anymore," she wailed in Mandarin repeatedly, while dozens of journalists and camera crew crowded around her, with some asking if she could speak in English instead.

Claiming to represent some 20 family members of the missing Chinese passengers on board MH370, Madam Xu said all of them were not satisfied with the Malaysian government's search and rescue capabilities.

"We were told that they are searching, we are told the same thing everyday," she said, "They have searched the Chinese territorial waters, they have even gone to the Andaman Sea, but where has the plane gone?"

Police intervened to stop the commotion shortly after.

The Chinese family members were locked in a small media secretariat room just next to the press briefing room, as the press conference proceeded.

They were then escorted out of the room through different doors, sparking a media scrum as photographers and videographers scrambled to get footage of the family members.