Elderly Malaysian man gets run over by car and lives to tell his story


KLUANG (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A 70-year-old man in Malaysia who was hit and run over by a car while filling up petrol surprisingly stood up and survived to tell his story.

However, pensioner Mohamad Nasir Manas suffered serious injuries, including a broken thigh bone and elbow as well as broken ribs in the Sunday noon incident.

Kluang OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Laham said a 42-year-old woman lost control of her car and hit Mohamad Nasir at the petrol station in Jalan Besar here.

"Initial investigations showed that the woman lost control of her car when her slippers got stuck on the pedal and the car rammed into Mohamad Nasir," he said.

"Her car came to a stop when it hit an electricity pole nearby."

ACP Mohamad Laham said Mohamad Nasir fractured his hips. "He also sustained injuries in other parts of his body," he added.

The elderly man was sent to the Kluang Hospital for treatment by a passing motorist. He is now in stable condition.

At the hospital, Mohamad Nasir said he thought he was going to die when the car ran over him.

"My wife and I had stopped by the petrol station after picking up our grandchildren and had planned to go to town for our usual grocery shopping," he said on Monday.

Mohamad Nasir said he panicked when he saw the Perodua Kancil heading straight at his direction and hit the back of his car.

"Before I knew it, I was being dragged some two metres and was run over by the vehicle.

"After being hit, I was still able to stand up and walk before I was taken to the hospital by another motorist," he added.

Footage of the incident was recorded by the petrol station's closed circuit television and went viral on social media.

Some viewers lambasted the woman's negligence and reminded others to wear proper shoes while driving.

ACP Mohamad Laham said the woman was taken to the Kluang police station for her statement to be recorded.

The case is being investigated under Section 43(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for dangerous driving and causing injuries.