Duterte's drug war adds new horror to Halloween

Residents in a district of Manila incorporate the grim death toll of their president's war on drugs in their Halloween decor.

MANILA (Reuters) - Among the pumpkins, monsters, ghouls and ghosts of a typical Manila Halloween this year is a more sinister dimension.

Fake corpses, wrapped in plastic and tape, just like the bodies of many of the 3600 people killed so far in the government's anti-drugs crackdown.

And, also like the real thing, some of the fake corpses are sporting ominous slogans such as "Don't be like me."

Some residents say it brings home the reality of the extra-judicial killings, many carried out by alleged vigilantes.

"Halloween is supposed to scare us, also (for us to) have fun, but it's usually about horrors, ghosts, vampires, monsters, and I think these are...what's happening right now with the EJK (extra-judicial killings), those are the real monsters," said resident Kristoffer Aleksie.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte swept to power in May on an anti-crime platform promising to rid the country of its drugs problems.

He's pledging to continue the bloody crackdown despite a wave of international criticism from bodies including the United Nations and the European Union.