Customers vote for president in Manila's Gulp polls

Convenience stores and local cafes in Manila are drumming up interest in the presidential election with unique, if unofficial, early results.

MANILA (REUTERS) - Patrons at this popular convenience store in Manila are buying more than just their favourite soda, they're voting for the president.

7-Eleven stores across the Philippines are getting into the spirit of next week's presidential election with the Gulp polls.

Each drink cup represents a different candidate - so far, 7-Eleven says Rodrigo Duterte is winning.

"I picked him because I want a change," one customer said. "And he's been well received".

For others, Manuel Roxas' yellow cup was the way to go.

"I think he's the most qualified in terms of track record, academic record, even moral record. I believe that Mar Roxas has the capability to lead, not only the country as a whole, but to represent the country and the whole stage as well," said Mabi Clemente, a government employee.

Other stores are getting in on the fun, too.

A small bakery is offering local sandwiches named after candidates.

Duterte, whose sandwich is filled with spicy pork, is also winning these sandwich elections.

Voters will head to the polls next Monday (May 9).