"Bung-les": Malaysia MP Bung Moktar Radin's top 10 gaffes

Malaysia's Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Moktar Radin has found himself grabbing headlines for outspoken remarks uttered both inside and outside Parliament. -- PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK
Malaysia's Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Moktar Radin has found himself grabbing headlines for outspoken remarks uttered both inside and outside Parliament. -- PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Malaysia's Parliament has been a more colourful place ever since Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Moktar Radin was elected in 1999.

Over the years he found himself grabbing headlines for outspoken remarks uttered both inside and outside Parliament.

Following his latest "bung-le" where he seemingly praised German dictator Adolf Hitler in a tweet, The Star recaps some of Bung's most popular gaffes.

1. Uttered sexist remarks on a female MP's menstrual cycle (2007)

Bung had earned the ire of women's groups nationwide when he criticised then Batu Gajah MP Fong Poh Kuan in Parliament when the latter complained to the Speaker on the condition of the Parliament's roof that would leak every time it rained.

"Mana ada bocor? Batu Gajah pun bocor tiap-tiap bulan juga". (Where is the leak? Batu Gajah leaks every month, too).

He later apologised for it.

2. Caught on Parliament cameras making obscene hand gesture (2008)

Bung was caught making obscene hand gesture directed at some fellow MPs during the 30-minute daily 'live' telecast of the question-and-answer session on RTM1, but this went unnoticed in the Parliament house because the in-house cameras were not focused on him.

He then admitted that he had made the gesture but insisted that it was "not what it meant" and should not be construed as rude.

3. Asked wheelchair-bound MP Karpal Singh to 'stand up' and show respect to Parliament speaker (2008)

Bung and Karpal got into a war of words with Karpal unnecessarily calling Bung a Bigfoot. Bung got irate and called the latter a big monkey.

Unfortunately as tempers rose, Bung went on to say that Karpal, who was paralysed from the waist down due to a car accident, should stand up and show respect to Parliament speaker.

"Stand up if you dare!," he shouted at Karpal.

In this manner, Bung and the similarly controversial MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali irked the disabled community who promptly protested at Parliament.

4. Unlawful polygamous marriage (2010)

On April 20 in 2010, Bung and his wife, Zizie Ezette A. Samad pleaded guilty to entering into a polygamous marriage without the Syariah Court's consent.

Bung was sentenced to a month's jail and fined RM1,000 (S$391) in default one month's jail on a second charge of abetting Zizie to marry without a Syariah registrar's consent on May 19 that same year, but was later released on a RM1,000 bail with one surety.

5. Uttered sexist remarks criticising women drivers (2011)

Bung claimed that most women drivers were slow and paid little attention on the road during a debate session in Parliament. His remarks drew anger from women's groups.

"Some women drivers drive slowly and seem oblivious to traffic. When you honk at them, they get agitated with some even showing hand gestures".

He subsequently had a change of perception after spending a day with his celebrity wife who drove him around.

"Yesterday my lovely wife drive me around the city. She not bad in driving. Although in Parliament I comment about women being bad drivers. Maybe is "not that bad"".

6. Frequent tirades at his Twitter followers (ongoing)

Bung often replies to his Twitter followers who criticise him by lashing out at them using vulgar language, opting for sarcastic replies at other times.

His status as an elected MP has not stopped him from labelling Malaysians who disagree with him as 'losers' and 'brainless', which are some of the more decent insults in his arsenal of verbal abuse.

7. Called for an Internet censor in Parliament to calm Chinese anger on missing Flight MH370 (2014)

Instead of advocating transparency, Bung called for control over information related to the doomed Flight MH370 to protect Malaysians from the rage of Chinese families who lost their families in the tragedy.

"This is a sensitive issue and we do not want others who may believe all speculations on the Internet to wage war against us".

8. Complained about Seputeh MP Teresa Kok's 'indecent' red dressing in Parliament (2014)

During a parliamentary sitting, Bung abruptly stood up and asked deputy speaker Ismail Mohamed Said to reprimand Kok for her dress, which he claimed was "inappropriate".

"The skirt goes until the knees, I can see the knees, how can this dress be allowed?"

9. Stated that Kapar MP G. Manivannan would be a 'robber' if he weren't elected (2014)

While debating a bill for a new foundation called Yayasan Guru Tun Hussein Onn in Parliament, Bung engaged in a heated exchange with Kapar MP G Manivannan.

During the exchange he said: "If you weren't elected, you would probably be a robber", provoking anger among Malaysia's Indian community.

10. Posted tweet in praise of Adolf Hitler after Germany defeated Brazil in the 2014 World Cup (2014)

After Germany's thumping 7-1 victory over Brazil Wednesday morning, Bung tweeted, "WELL DONE...BRAVO...LONG LIVE HITLER".

Bung initially said his tweet was just for fun and that he was not serious about it. He appeared unrepentant in a number of tweets following widespread criticism, before apologising on Thursday morning.

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