BN can learn from Trump's strategy: Malaysian minister

KUALA LUMPUR • Malaysia's ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition should take heed of Mr Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign strategy, said Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz.

Datuk Seri Nazri said Mr Trump won the US elections last year because Americans were tired of leaders who were constantly harping on national issues, rather than focusing on bread and butter issues that were of concern to the people.

"The local communities wanted to be noticed and they wanted the government to work for them," said Mr Nazri, who is also a member of the supreme council of Umno - BN's largest party.

"People are not interested in national issues. Instead, they want a government that works for them," the minister said in an interview with The Star.

"That's why Trump won, because Americans are just fed up with their past presidents who seem to be very intellectual but don't go down to the ground."

He said BN must focus on what it has always done best, which is working for the people and to continue the struggle for a united Malaysia.

"We are known to be a coalition of parties that work for the rakyat (people). This is important and we must continue doing this.

"MPs must present themselves as someone who can help the community," he added.

Acknowledging that BN is a coalition of mostly race-based parties, Mr Nazri said it was important to always emphasise that Malaysia is a country for everyone regardless of race, religion or creed.

"Although each party represents their own racial group, Barisan is a government that is working for every Malaysian.

"We must show that Malaysia is for all and nobody should be left behind. We must not lose sight of our struggle for a united Malaysia. That is very important," he said.

"To win the election, we must win back the confidence of the rakyat. They must know that we are working for them," Mr Nazri added.


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