Asia Briefs: HK turns to Cambodian maids

HK turns to Cambodian maids

PHNOM PENH • Cambodian maids are being recruited to work in Hong Kong, an official said yesterday, as the wealthy Chinese city scrambles to meet growing demand for domestic helpers.

Under a pilot project, six agencies are authorised to recruit the first batch of Cambodian domestic workers for arrival in Hong Kong later this year, Cambodian Labour Minister Ith Samheng said. Roughly 1,000 maids would receive training in English and Cantonese and other skills before their departure, which is slated for next month. Hong Kong is home to more than 300,000 foreign maids, mostly from the Philippines and Indonesia.


18 years' jail for insulting Thai royalty

BANGKOK • A Thai man was jailed for 18 years yesterday for posting six video clips deemed insulting to the monarchy, his lawyer said.

Tara, 61, whose last name was withheld by his lawyer, was arrested in 2015 for sharing online materials allegedly insulting to the monarchy. It is the latest conviction in junta-ruled Thailand, where the authorities have cracked down on critics of the monarchy and military.


Mumbai protest draws over 200,000

MUMBAI • More than 200,000 protesters poured into India's financial capital Mumbai yesterday, disrupting traffic and straining the rail network, to press their demands for reserved quotas in government jobs and college places for students. Police said the rally was free of violent incidents.

Rising unemployment and falling farm incomes are driving farming communities to redouble calls for reservations in jobs and education. Two-thirds of India's 1.3 billion people depend on farming for their livelihood, but the sector makes up just 14 per cent of gross domestic product, reflecting a growing divide between the countryside and increasingly well-off cities.


Rogue elephant tramples 15 to death

NEW DELHI • An elephant that has killed 15 people in eastern India over a months-long rampage could be shot within days if it is not brought under control, an official said yesterday.

Wildlife rangers and hunters assembled in Jharkhand after another victim was trampled to death on Tuesday evening, the state's chief forest and wildlife conservator L.R. Singh told AFP.

The rogue elephant crushed four victims in Bihar state in March, before crossing into neighbouring Jharkhand and killing 11 more.


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