Angry lorry driver who rams through 18 cars in Penang surrenders to police

Damaged cars piled up after a lorry driver rammed his way through them near a public market in Taman Berjaya, Penang, on Feb 21, 2016. PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK
An owner of one of the damaged vehicles with his car. PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

PENANG - A lorry driver who allegedly damaged 18 cars by ramming into them in George Town, Penang, has surrendered to the police.

The lorry driver, who found his path blocked by several cars at a market in Taman Berjaya, rammed his way through, damaging 18 vehicles in the process.

Most of the damaged cars belonged to people visiting the market. However, no one was hurt in the incident, which happened at about 9am on Sunday (Feb 21).

It was believed that the lorry had been parked along the narrow road leading to the market, since Saturday night.

An eyewitness said the lorry driver tried to move his vehicle in the morning but the path was blocked by the cars.

"Angered because he could not move his lorry, the driver hit a car on his way out. We tried to stop him but he ignored us and continued to ram the lorry into the other cars parked there.

"Before we knew it, he was already out on the open road," the eyewitness said.

The lorry was later discovered near a banana plantation, not far from the scene of the incident, but the driver was not found.

The suspect turned up at a police station at about 9pm on Sunday and was subsequently arrested.

He was released after his statement was recorded.

One of the car owners, Mr Lim Hai Shun said he was at a meeting not far away when he heard some commotion.

"Somebody came in and alerted us about the incident. When I got to my car, it was already a wreck," said the 60-year-old retiree.

Malaysian police said that "out of the 18 damaged cars, seven car owners have lodged police reports" as of 4pm on Sunday.

The driver, who is in his 30s, will be charged in court on Tuesday for reckless driving.

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