Alleged ISIS supporter attacks police station in Central Java

BANYUMAS, INDONESIA (JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A man suspected of being a member of terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacked police personnel at Banyumas Police headquarters in Central Java on Tuesday (April 11), leaving three officers injured.

A motive for the attack and possible terror network connections are two key concerns of police investigations, a top officer said.

Riding a motorbike at high speed, the alleged perpetrator, identified as Mohammad Ibnu Dar, 22, a resident of Karangaren village in Kutasari district, Purbalingga regency, Central Java, broke through the front yard of the police office at 10 am and assaulted Adj. First Insp. Ata Suparta.

Second Brig. Irfan and Chief Brig. Karsono attempted to come to the aid of their colleague before the perpetrator withdrew a short machete from inside his shirt, attacking Irfan and Karsono, and injuring both their hands and backs.

Assisted by around 10 officers, the three police personnel managed to subdue and arrest the attacker.

“We are investigating the case. The perpetrator has been taken into custody and is being questioned,” said Central Java Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. Djarod Padakova on Tuesday.

“It is suspected that the perpetrator did not carry any identity on purpose. Neither a resident ID nor a driver’s licence were found on his person. As the result, we could not immediately obtain his identity,” said Djarod.

“We immediately took his fingerprints and matched them with data recorded at the Banyumas Police station. It was later discovered he is MID [Muhammad Ibnu Dar], 21, a Purbalingga resident," he added.

Banyumas Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Azis Andriyansah said the perpetrator had "ISIS attributes" when he launched the attack.

"We are investigating and tracking down who this perpetrator is."

Azis said the motive for the attack remained unknown.