Air India flight searched after bomb threat: Bangkok official

An Air India jet in a file photo.
An Air India jet in a file photo.PHOTO: BLOOMBERG

BANGKOK (AFP) - Thailand's airport authorities searched an Air India flight for explosives after it landed in Bangkok following a bomb threat late on Wednesday, an airport official said.

All 231 passengers were safely evacuated from the aircraft before it was swept by security staff from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, according to an airport spokeswoman.

"It was ordered to to park in an isolated area of the airport," she told AFP.

The spokeswoman did not comment on the nature of the threat or results of the search.

The Bangkok-bound flight Air India Flight 332 left Delhi at 2.05pm local time and arrived at Suvarnabhumi at 7.13pm (seven minutes ahead of its scheduled time), according to the airline's website.

Suvarnabhumi is Thailand's largest international airport and sees around 50 million passengers annually.