2 girls taking photos fall to their deaths at waterfall in Myanmar

YANGON (XINHUA) - Two young girls taking photos on the top of a waterfall in Kawkareik, Myanmar's south-eastern Kayin state, fell down and died, the official Global New Light of Myanmar reported on Monday (Jan 28).

The two friends, both aged 19, were on a trip with eight other friends to the Taw Naw Waterfall on Sunday. They fell 60m to the base of the waterfall.

One was taking photos near the top of the waterfall when she slipped, prompting her friend to grab her in an attempt to save her. But both girls tumbled over the edge.

One died at the scene with fatal injury to her head from hitting the rock walls on her way down.

The other suffered a broken jaw and serious injury to her head, and later died at the hospital.

Police are investigating the case.