10 must-reads for today

Police officers arresting an inmate who escaped from a prison in Banda Aceh, Aceh province, after a jailbreak on Thursday.
Police officers arresting an inmate who escaped from a prison in Banda Aceh, Aceh province, after a jailbreak on Thursday.PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

1 90 prisoners on the run

Ninety inmates in western Indonesia are on the run after they broke down the prison's fence when they were supposed to be at a prayer gathering, officials said yesterday.

The prisoners fled from Lambaro prison in Banda Aceh on Thursday night, although some were quickly recaptured.

2 Impact of trade conflicts

All countries, especially smaller ones, will be negatively affected if trade conflicts spill over into wider tensions and disrupt global trade, an informal group of 30 smaller states warned ahead of the G-20 Leaders' Summit in Argentina.

3 Proactive cyber defence

Organisations must assume they are under attack and equip themselves with online security measures to identify and mitigate breaches, said retired senior judge Richard Magnus, chairman of the Committee of Inquiry (COI) into the SingHealth cyber attack. He said in his closing remarks before adjourning the COI that they must adopt a proactive defence strategy.

4 Adapting to election rules

Thailand's new electoral system next year will likely put a governing majority out of reach for the Pheu Thai party which was ousted from government in the 2014 military coup. But the behemoth has responded by dispersing its stalwarts across what observers widely see as sister parties, which observers say guarantees them second place even if they cannot win the election. 

5 Corporations and ethics

Corporations should go beyond not doing wrong to focus on doing right and stake a higher ground in corporate morality, says author Willie Cheng. 

6 Changing security industry

When putting out security service tenders, companies should no longer have manpower as the main measure but instead move towards outcome-based contracts. The security industry will be proposing new ways for the Government to give a "big push" to bring this message to buyers of security services. 

7 Tricked into signing deed

A woman lost her appeal against a High Court decision last December which found she had tricked her husband into signing a deed of trust which would have given his assets worth millions to their infant son. The man had signed the deed in 2014 while he was grieving over his mother, who was murdered.


8 Probe into Kimly directors

Share prices of coffee shop operator Kimly Limited fell yesterday following news that its executive chairman and another director are under a probe that involves its recent acquisition of drinks manufacturer Asian Story Corporation. It also said that it is backing out of the deal.

9 Courage under pressure

John Alicante Embile's first penalty turned out to be the shoot-out winner for Bukit Merah Secondary in the Schools National B Division boys' floorball final in April against Catholic High. "I still reminisce about that glorious occasion," says the 17-year-old, who has been awarded The Straits Times' Young Star accolade. 

10 The 15 good Samaritans

Five new films have been released under the 15 Shorts project, which tells the stories of 15 Singaporeans who went to extraordinary lengths to help others. The project is organised by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, local film company Blue3Asia and 15 Singaporean film-makers. 


Life Chats

In this episode, Man Booker Prize-winning author Kiran Desai talks about the novel she has been working on for 12 years. She also gives advice to budding writers. http://str.sg/lifepicks6


Sport for visually impaired

In goalball, the players are blindfolded, which allows those without visual impairment to join in. Watch how the game, which is anything but easy, is played. http://str.sg/goalball

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