Priciest number plate in Malaysia up for auction

MALACCA - Five Malaysians are vying for the privilege of owning the number plate Patriot 1, touted as the most expensive vehicle registration number in the country, The Star reported.

The auction price starts at RM1 million (S$357,200) and the five have each put down 20 per cent as a deposit to back their bids. The auction started on June 1 and the successful owner will be made known by next Tuesday.

The number plate is being offered by non-governmental organisation Yayasan Patriot Negara Malaysia (YPN) as part of its fund-raising drive to promote moderation among Malaysians.

The Kuala Lumpur-based NGO was set up in 2013 to initiate programmes relating to encouraging racial unity, religious tolerance and patriotism among Malaysians. The Road Transport Department (JPJ) also agreed to release the special series registrations.

YPN's special project director Mass Ayu Mass Akbar said the JPJ had granted the organisation permission to auction off the numbers Patriot 1 to Patriot 9999.

She said the minimum bidding price for the premier category, with plates Patriot 1 to Patriot 10, ranged from RM380,000 to RM1 million. The response had so far been overwhelming, with a number of eminent persons vying for these plates, she added.

YPN is led by government retirees and individuals from the private sector who aim to encourage a harmonious nation. The record of the highest price paid in a vehicle number plate auction in Malaysia is held by Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, whose bid of RM520,000 in 2012 helped him top 9,999 others in the auction for the car number plate WWW 1.


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